CNY Dinner

Maybe we’ve been in the US for too long. When we planned this dinner, we were not really thinking about Chinese New Year. Rather, it was an opportunity to invite Shixiong to join the family for a special dinner. With our busy schedule, we had to be intentional about getting together, so we chose this night to share this meal. It coincided with CNY weekend. Perfect! As always, Wensley cooked a great meal with this wonderful spread:

dinner table

Sa Chiak and Sa Chim came with little Trinity. Of course, the boys were delighted to have their favorite uncle play with them before dinner! It turned out to be a special meal with everyone around the dinner table. We even had crepes for dessert. By the end of the evening, we were all really full! Shixiong took the opportunity to give 红包 (red envelope) to the little ones. I have a feeling it will go directly to the bank account recently opened for them by Grandma!

playing with sa chiak

Here’s my fiance with my parents on this special day. We took this picture because my dad was wearing a Beijing Olympics shirt and Shixiong was wearing a London Olympics jacket. So happy to have him join the family!

with mom and dad

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