Fun Valentine

Who said that Valentine’s Day had to be a big deal? I suppose it is for most couples. Since this is the first one for us, I had a rather high expectation, admittedly. And my fiance did not disappoint. I was not sure what he would do, but I knew he was going to take me out for a treat. He drove all the way to San Gabriel, bearing a dozen red roses. I got dressed up for our dinner date and we were on our way!

dozen red roses

Where did we go? Dave & Busters. Huh? Let me explain. We actually went shopping in a mall first. I got myself an outfit to wear for the night. Then, we realized that the Knicks and Jeremy Lin were playing that night. Rather than driving all the way to a sports bar, we decided to pop in Dave & Busters to catch the last three minutes of the game. It was the moment that Lin hit the winning 3-point shot of the game! It was exciting and we were officially Linsane! We decided to celebrate with good food, but my fiance did not care much for sports bar food, so we left. So much for a Dave & Busters Valentine dinner.

dave & busters

That night, we felt like something hot and something … Korean. So, we headed to Asiatown and decided on Tofu House. There was an hour wait, but we persisted. By the time we were seated, we were starving. Good conversation, good food, and good time. Memorable Valentine’s night with my sweetheart.

korean dinner

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