Premarital Counseling

My fiance and I had been talking about doing premarital counseling for many weeks since we got engaged. Even though we only had two months to prepare for the wedding, we managed to squeeze in three sessions in four weeks with the officiating pastor who would marry us. During those evenings, we got into deep, intense talks. Someone once asked me how these counseling sessions helped, considering much of marriage is hands-on and trial-and-error. I would say that a big part of marriage is also reflection and meditation. It helped us tremendously to talk about the differences in our expectations, personality, and cultural values. Knowing these differences helped us to communicate more effectively. For me, what I learned from these abridged sessions was to embrace our differences. There is a reason why the Lord put us together — as iron sharpens iron, so are we to sharpen each other. We need to learn to balance each other. Thank God for these counseling sessions!


2 Responses to “Premarital Counseling”

  1. Micah S says:

    As a teacher, what did you think of the counseling?

  2. mbcohao says:

    The counseling was theoretical and not as helpful for someone pragmatic as my husband. But for someone more reflective like me, it helped to think in philosophical terms which helps us with our relational issues. I would say counseling is a great tool for learning to communicate more effectively!

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