Second Shower

As if one bridal shower is not enough, I was given a second shower! Is this divine repayment for these many years as a single? For this shower, my mother came along with me to Orange County to meet my new sisters in the Lord at Canaan. Bessie hosted this party at her home and at least 20 women came, most of them I don’t even know by name. They wanted to welcome me into the fold as Shixiong’s new wife. What a blessing to be welcomed into their spiritual family! They had cake, gifts, and games. But what I appreciated was prayer and the words of encouragement that each of them had for me as I embarked on married life. I will always remember their words of wisdom.


I’ve never met people like Bessie and Molly — such generous, gracious souls. These sisters are like angels sent from heaven. Bessie and her husband offered to host the bridal shower, do the flowers for the wedding, and do the emcee for the wedding reception. Molly coordinated the wedding, worked on the party favors, and offered to pay for our honeymoon suite at the Hyatt. What extravagance! There is no way to repay them except to pray that the Lord bless them with the same extravagance they showed to us. God bless them greatly!


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