Closing In

The countdown began on December 25th when we got engaged. But as we look ahead to March 10th, the countdown has gotten a lot faster. We’re closing in on the Big Day. One of the things that needs to get done is to apply for a marriage license. We’d been putting it off for many days because so much still needs to be done, but we set aside today to show up in court and pay for the license together.

While we were there, we saw a few other couples doing the same thing, many of them younger than us. We looked at ourselves and wondered where time had gone. There was this one Vietnamese couple in their early 20s. So young. They dressed up like they were going to the prom. As it turns out, they were going to use the court facilities to get married! They looked happy and their parents were taking pictures. Since we decided to get married at church, we simply smiled at their excitement. We asked them to take a picture of us next to the sign to commemorate this one step towards our wedding day.

almost there

When we finally got to the counter, the lady asked for our driver’s license. We put both side by side and it was a strange sight to see. It was so easy to get married in California. All you need to do is to be over 18 years old, show identification, and pay the money. And that’s exactly what we did. After we came out of the courthouse, we said a prayer of thanksgiving and blessing for what we’re about to do. There is no doubt that we were moving headlong into our future together.

license to license

To celebrate the occasion, we went to this Japanese restaurant that someone had highly recommended. It was a traditional Japanese-style seating where we took off our shoes and ate on low tables. So comfortable but also uncomfortable after a while. The food was good but also quite expensive. Knowing my fiance, I don’t think he’d go back there again. I personally think the quality justifies the price. It was a good experience, nonetheless. Cheers!


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