CBU Hangout

Today, Wensley is going to attempt to pass the driving test. So, I offered to take care of Avery and Allister while she and Adam go to the DMV. That day, my parents don’t have work so they also came with us. We drove for one hour to Riverside where Wens took her test with Adam. My parents and I spent time in the CBU campus, playing with the kids. It was a beautiful, sunny morning, perfect for a walk and a stroll. We watched the kids play in the grass and sand. Allister is just learning how to walk so he had plenty of space to practice. Here are these two playing with the moving CBU globe just before we went into the cafeteria for a snack.

cbu globe

On the way back to the van, I took this cute picture of the grandparents and the little ones. It’s an image of contentment, if I ever saw one. Thank God for memorable moments like this. Praise God for the gift of family!

walk with gong gong and ama

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