I received a wedding invitation from a friend a few weeks ago. Mona met Mike in April and decided to get engaged sometime in July. They decided to get married in April I met Shixiong in August and we decided to get married in March. It’s such an ironic twist of fate that Mona and Mike will be attending our wedding when she should have gotten married first. In any case, I had to send in this RSVP for their wedding as it is approaching deadlines. It will be the first formal occasion that I will be attending with my husband on 4/14. Usually, these weddings cause heaviness in my heart because it is another reminder of my singleness. For the first time, I’ll be going with a partner — I will be going as Mrs. Chen! What a strange feeling to write that down on the RSVP. Even though we’re not married yet, I get this thrill down my spine to think of myself as someone’s wife!


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