Persian Chicken

Our area has a significant Arab-American population. Since my husband has lived here for more than a decade, he’s acquired the taste for middle-eastern food. On this night, he was inspired to try a recipe that one of his co-workers recommended to him the other day. He had asked me earlier to shop for chicken and turmeric powder. When he got home, he came straight to the kitchen where I was already preparing another dish. Using only his memory of the recipe and his taste buds, he went to work. It was amusing to see our dishes cooking side by side:


I told my husband that if he just worked on it, he can be a better cook than me. These last 10 months that I’ve been preparing our dishes, I’ve improved my culinary skills quite a bit, but I still rely heavily on following recipes. As for him, he has an instinct for what tastes good and improvises as he goes. He’s not afraid to add different ingredients on top of what was instructed. When he was done cooking, I asked him to name this dish since it’s basically an original. He simply said, “Persian Chicken.” It turned out really well, if I should say so myself. It was juicy and flavorful, really scrumptious. Good job, hubby!


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