Silver Linings Playbook


We were feeling bored after dinner tonight so we decided to watch a movie on a whim. We had just watched the Golden Globe Awards the weekend before, and we were impressed at how we had actually seen almost all the best movie contenders of 2012. The one movie that we hadn’t seen is Silver Linings Playbook. I thought that it was a chick-flick and I wanted to spare my husband. However, perhaps feeling encouraged that he could identify so many movies at the awards show, he suggested that we watch this one.

The movie theatre was packed when we got there. We did not read the reviews nor the summary so we really did not know what to expect. It turned out to be about a bipolar man and his relationship with family and friends. At first, it was painful to watch the character’s radical mood swings and social awkwardness. The theme became apparent right away as the title of the movie was woven through the dialogue between the main character and his psychologist. In the midst of his condition, he was advised to look for the silver lining of his situation. Since he was raised in a football fanatical home, he used the analogy of a playbook to guide his perspective in life. I thought it was a clever way to tell his story and how he struggled to release himself from the downward spiral of relational dysfunction, social ostracism, and personal despair. All in all, despite the profanity and some violence, I thought it was a redeeming movie on many levels.

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