Meeting New Friends

We had been planning this meeting time for months and we finally met up. Sharon asked me to her place so we could catch up and do some Bible study. Though I’d been to her place many times, she still showed such warm hospitality offering me tea and peanuts and cake. She insisted that I stay for lunch because she made lamb soup. Moreover, she invited two other friends over that she wanted me to meet. One of them is Jane, a nurse at a hospice. I was grateful for the privilege of meeting her and hearing about the noble work she does with terminally ill patients. I told her she reminded me of Mother Teresa. Jane told us a story that one of her patients asked her how many other patients she’s seeing. She said, “No one. Just you.” The patient also asked how long she would stay with her in the hospice. She answered, “Until you die.” I thought it was a rather blunt response, but she assured us that it was the most comforting thing she could say to patients who know that they are living their last days. Jane told us that most patients do not even have family or relatives to visit them regularly. To have someone care and walk with them in the last stretch of the journey was a God-send. It was indeed a God-send to have met Jane. I’m so inspired by her courage and strength. Here she is, taking a break from work to have lunch with us.


While I was there, I learned the lamb soup recipe from Sharon and admired her high-tech stove. I just had to take a picture of this digital oven. Though I did not hear it speak, I would not be surprised if it did a lot more than just cook food!


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