Alice in Wonderland

Tonight, I am going with some friends to watch Alice in Wonderland in 3D. I am excited about it only because it is 3D and it reminds me of the time I went out of my way to watch Avatar. But just like Avatar, I am not looking forward to the story. The last time I watched a movie where Johnny Depp plays a strange character was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I did not enjoy that movie at all. The preview of Alice in Wonderland is not all that appealing; it looks like it will be a dark movie, too. Maybe it will surprise me. Well, if anything, just the experience of going to a movie theater will be worth it, and especially hanging out with my friends. It’s all the way in Puxi so it will be quite a trek. I hope the movie is good, though.

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  1. Eric says:

    ohhh that sounds fun! I want to watch that movie!!!
    I dont know but to me, the preview was pretty interesting to me haha
    I looked at some “behind the scene” stuff on that movie and the way they create the movie was really interesting :)
    tell me if the movie is good or not!

  2. Jason says:

    wow, I am so jealous ! I never get to watch any movie except during breaks…..

  3. Jason says:

    Ms HAO, “ww” place is for us to check other ones blogs! I never knew we had to comment, please bring it back!

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