Worship Ballet

I was asked by a good friend who’s undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer if I could take her daughter to worship ballet class today. She was on her last round of chemo and was feeling really sick, but she did not want her daughter to miss a class. I was delighted to help, not only because I’d been waiting for an opportunity to serve her, but also because I really like her little girl. But I did have one question: what is worship ballet??


As it turns out, the worship ballet class is offered at a neighboring church. Curious, I offered to sit in and watch. The ballet teacher uses the melody and rhythm of Christian songs to train these ballet dancers. They were going to have a recital in June of this year and they were preparing for it. I watched in fascination as they did splits, twirls, stretches, and high jumps. I’ve seen it on TV before but as I watch these girls bend and stretch their bodies in ways that I never imagined I could do, I could only stare in awe.


After about half an hour, I decided to explore a little bit of the neighborhood church. They are a sending church that focuses on missions. In fact, I saw about 15 flags hanging inside the church representing the countries where they have sent missionaries. On this particular day, they were having a marriage seminar so the seats were arranged in pairs. I really enjoy learning how brothers and sisters in other areas worship and do ministry.


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