Homecoming Hotpot Dinner

When we came home that day from the cruise, we were tired but happy. We had a lot of wonderful memories. As Andy put it, if we didn’t go on this cruise (it was their first time), we would have missed out on all the things we got to do together. When we came back, we were greeted by our neighbors who invited us to their house for some hotpot. Since it was a President’s Day holiday, they did not have work and they had time to prepare this wonderful meal for us!


During dinner, our neighbors said that this weekend felt strange because every time they looked up at our house, the lights were off. They said that it felt like something was missing. It was a touching statement to make, one that we don’t take lightly. On this night, we are thankful to have such blessings of a neighbor, ones that we treasure greatly. There is a Chinese proverb that says, “Anyone can buy a good house, but good neighbors are priceless.” As we enjoyed the hotpot together, this proverb certainly proves true.


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