Happy Birthday, Mom!

Since my in-laws were all here, my mom asked to invite them for her birthday party. They arranged the tables so that there were two tables, one with the adults and the other one with mostly kids. It also just so happens that this particular restaurant offers $.99/pound lobsters with a minimum $30 purchase. Pretty good deal. SX ordered the dishes for our table and I must say he did a very good job. In particular, everyone enjoyed the humongous Dong Qua soup.


This is the young families’ table with all the babies. I’m sure they ordered more kid-friendly dishes than we did. I could not help visiting their table every now and then just to play with the kids. I wonder when I get to “graduate” to this table … ? :-)


Here are my parents with their sweet bread for dessert. I must say it’s great to see them happy and healthy at this time in their lives. It must be all the grandkids keeping them young at heart!


We were not able to take a family picture, but we did catch this scene during the birthday singing. While the rest of us were busy taking pictures, here’s Mama with the little kids enjoying her birthday cake. I’m not sure where the candles are but rest assured she was able to make a wish and blow them out! Happy Birthday, Mom!


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