Mama Wei

It seems that our schedule has been really busy with all these dinner invitations. Tonight, we were invited to Mama Wei’s family gathering. Since that night when we had them over to our house for dinner, Mama Wei has been wanting to return the favor. I remember when we got together with this family almost a year ago just before our wedding. Since SX considers her his GanMa (godmother), this is practically a family gathering. Aaron ordered all kinds of delicious dishes, including lobster, Peking duck, jumbo shrimp, and the ever-present Dong Qua. Needless to say, we were stuffed by the end of the evening. Here’s a toast to Mama Wei’s health:


It was a good thing we remembered to take a group picture just before leaving the restaurant. Here’s the happy crowd nursing our bulging bellies while logging another time of sweet fellowship in our memory banks.


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