Cruise Reunion


For the third night in a row, we were once again invited to another dinner party. This time, though, it was more low-key. Andy and Meiling wanted to have a cruise reunion at their house. And since Meiling makes excellent 牛 肉 面 (beef noodle soup), we eagerly accepted. It was an intimate little get-together as we were taken on a tour of their (huge) house. It was great admiring their old courtship pictures. During dinner, we reminisced about the cruise and all the fun things we did, As Andy put it, the time we put into the experience is priceless as it is something we can always have forever. We also had a fun time listening to Andy’s jokes and being entertained by his magic tricks. And of course, the beef noodle soup was a lot more than what we expected! I would say that it’s much, much better than what I’ve had in several restaurants. Since they are health conscious, I know that this dish was made only with the best quality ingredients. I just had to take a picture before digging in!


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