Tennis Match

For the first time in a long time, we had a free weekend. After SM and HB went home, we had no more engagements with people. The house felt quiet and empty. This afternoon, Steve wanted to play some tennis so we took him to the nearby park. He had been itching to play for about a week now, so I know he was eager to hit some balls. SX indulged him for about half an hour to an hour. While they played, I sat in the bleachers and kept myself busy. One of the things I did was to play with the camera on my iPhone. I didn’t think I was going to be able to take action shots, but here they are.

SX getting ready to serve the ball:


See the ball suspended in the air? How in the world was the camera able to capture that? Even with my digital camera, I wasn’t able to do it in the past.


This was a cool action shot. I like how his feet are both off the ground as he hit the ball. It’s nice that the sun was on him, too, so one could clearly see the ball in play.


After going out for so many nights in a row, we were happy to just have some simple rice porridge for dinner. The tennis game was a good way to burn some calories gained over the past week!

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