Oscars 2013 Daniel Day-Lewis Jennifer Lawrence Anne Hathaway Christoph Waltz

On the eve of Steve’s return to New York, we were able to catch the Oscars on TV. We had a debate whether the show would be live Pacific time since it had been on tape delay in the past. To our pleasant surprise, it started at 5:30 p.m. So, while SX and I prepared a special dinner, Steve watched the Oscars in the living room. We would sneak peeks at the red carpet arrivals, but we also wanted to have a nice send-off dinner for Steve. Even though we wanted a more formal sit-down farewell, we ended up sitting in front of the TV with our dinner plates to watch the Oscars. It was actually fun to see the opening monologue, identify stars that the camera pans to, listen to thank-you speeches by people we don’t even know, and cheer for the movies we like. Since we actually watched most of the nominated movies, it was a pleasant experience to make informed guesses. In fact, the three of the four major awards were given to actors/actresses from movies we’ve seen. Steve had to leave before the end of the show so we had to call him at the airport to tell him the winners of the last major categories.

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