Art of Hair

For a few months now, I’ve been in charge of cutting my husband’s hair. We even purchased a professional hair-cutting kit. I was actually getting better, but then, I messed up really badly the last time. I gave him a very faint bald spot on top of his head which made his hair stick out if he didn’t comb it right. Inasmuch as I felt horrible about what I did, I couldn’t help but to laugh at his expression. He was trying to be cool about the matter while visibly trying to hide his incredulity. I know that he wasn’t angry and he assured me that he still wants me to keep cutting his hair. However, on this day, he came home having had a haircut from a Vietnamese barber. I was not offended, but I did wonder if he’s changed his mind about my hair-cutting duties. After all, he was going to emcee a wedding the following weekend and maybe he wanted a better haircut. And it was definitely a much better job than what I could’ve done.

Normally, I don’t really pay attention to men’s haircuts, but I admired how the back side of his head was shaved so straight and even (unlike what I usually do). I took a picture to make a mental note to myself.


Even after this superior hair-cut, he told me that he wants me to keep cutting his hair. And so, I should probably keep taking notes. Here’s one of the more challenging skills: shaping the hair around the ear and the sideburns. I like how it’s evenly and finely thinned. It looks a lot more professional than mine, that’s for sure.


Here’s hoping for better results the next time he needs a haircut!

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