Sports Park

These days, I’ve gotten into a daily habit of taking a walk around the park. There’s this neighborhood park just 5 minutes from where we live. In the mornings, I’d take a stroll along the trail which measure about .8 miles. I usually walk two times around, making it barely two miles. Especially when the day is clear, I love seeing the blue skies and enjoying the mild weather, as well as greeting the occasional dog-walkers. Around the time I’m at the park, the children in the elementary school adjacent the park are on recess, so I’d watch them play. Also, there’s a group of young mothers who exercise in one part of the park; they line up their strollers facing them while they pull rubber bands and do aerobic stretches. I think it’s an adorable scene. There’s also a little playground where parents watch their toddlers shovel sand, go down slides, and climb ladders.

In the evenings, when we feel like taking it easy and skipping the gym, SX and I come to this same park to take a walk. At nights, the scene is a lot different. Instead of elementary school children, there are soccer teams practicing, high school lacrosse athletes playing a match, as well as serious runners running the trail. There seems to be a lot more dog-walkers, too. Sometimes, there are baseball and softball games going on at the same time. It’s a relaxing way to unwind from the day. I’m thankful for a place like this nearby.

This was a picture taken of the park when nobody was around.


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