SG Visit

Today, I decided it had been too long since I visited SG. Besides, I needed a haircut and I didn’t need to spend too much on my straight hair, especially if I just needed a trim. And so, I took that long one-hour drive north to see my mom, Wens, and my two darling nephews. We went out to lunch and had a good time of food and fellowship. This is the picture Wens took with her iPhone when we were in the parking lot walking towards the restaurant. Gosh, I look fat!


During lunch, Wens and I were talking recipes and she wanted to show me one particular one, but Allister kept grabbing at the iPhone. I ended up showing him (and eventually, Avery) their own pictures so they can be entertained. This is one of Wens’ favorite pictures of Allister. I agree that he looks super cute here, almost like a big boy. He looks so mischievous.


Here’s a really nice one that I just had to have for myself. Apparently, Allister has begun the potty-training process and he’s started asking to sit on the potty (and enjoys it, too!). The picture of the two younger brothers in an affectionate hug is so touching. I love Allister’s expression here. Avery is the dutiful big brother.


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