Jewel Mania


One of the hobbies that SX and I have recently picked up is this game. Every night, before bed, we would play for about an hour. It all started when I was just looking for something to pass the time. Since he did not care much for Bubble Mania, I showed him this game to see if he liked it. Though it looked simple to me, he was curiously attracted to the puzzles and colors. I think he also liked the strategy part of the game. Ever since then, we would play individually, watch each other finish a level, and help each other with certain levels. It’s certainly addicting to the point where we’d start dreaming about falling stars and diamonds and exploding gems. It’s a good thing we only get 5 lives at a time (the game requires waiting an hour before getting back a life). Inasmuch as we enjoy this game, we are not about to shell out money just to play more. This puts a limit on our playing time so we could get some sleep. Just one of the latest fads that we’ve adopted lately!

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