Shopping and Lunch

Today, I was invited to go shopping for clothes. I don’t shop all that often, least of all for my own clothes. I usually wear the same things all the time, to the point of SX pushing me to buy some new ones. And so, I grabbed at the opportunity to shop with these women who know their way around clothing stores. Over just one morning of being together, I found their secret to successful shopping: sales and clearance. Boy, did we find some good stuff! I picked up some new pants and blouse that I really liked and at very good prices, too. I had fun trying on some new clothes, even more fun actually buying them. Next time, I think I’ll know how to search the sales and clearance aisles myself!

After shopping, we decided to go from some all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ (again). This is the second week in a row for me. Even though I wasn’t too hungry yet, seeing the set-up made my stomach growl.


Actually, I did not need to worry about ordering because Amy and Rebekah knew exactly what to order. We ended up eating a week’s worth of meat today. We had beef ribs, shrimp, calamari, thin beef slices, salad, and those little dishes that are just so yummy. I didn’t think we could eat that much, but since it was all-you-can-eat, we would look at the other tables and copy what we think is good to try. It was almost embarrassing the many times we ordered but we figured that other tables were doing exactly the same thing. Talk about gluttony! In any case, I was so full that I was in serious need of a walk (or a nap!) after we got up from the table.

Here’s one of our dishes, the marinated beef ribs, as we patiently waited for it to cook!


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