It’s a Wonderful Life


This was a movie I’d been wanting to see with SX since Christmas time. Because of the busy holiday season, we were not able to catch it on TV. And when I wanted to rent the movie for our own private viewing, the only way I knew how was to go to Blockbuster, which is non-existent by now. I tried to look in Netflix, Hulu, even Redbox, but it was either the movie is not available or I just did not know how to look. I had actually given up. But when I saw this movie in the library the other day, I snatched it up and planned on watching it with him sometime this week.

The other night, we were too lazy to watch in the living room, so we stayed in bed and watched it on Youtube in the iPad (who knew?). We could only watch the first half of this long movie because we started getting sleepy. Last night, we popped it in the DVD and finished the movie on the big screen TV. I must say that even watching it for the umpteenth time, it never fails to inspire me with feelings of good old-fashioned faith in humanity and love. Since it was SX’s first time to watch it, I think he was especially moved by the story-telling, characters, and main themes. I love introducing classics and works of art to those who’s never experienced it! I’m so glad I was finally able to initiate him into one area of Americana. I think it made a deep impression on him.

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