1st Year Anniversary

We had intended to have a get-away weekend for our 1st year anniversary, but because of work responsibilities, we were forced to stay in town and explore the neighboring cities. We brainstormed many places and ended up choosing the Glendale Americana because it was close enough and far enough. Plus, in addition to wanting to just relax somewhere, we were intrigued by the place.

There was a lively atmosphere when we got there, especially since it was a Sunday. We decided to ride the train that circled the perimeter and met a few people with whom we made small talk. Then, we took a walk and enjoyed the fountain, the grassy area where children were playing, and the malls where we dared not venture in (except the Apple store, of course). One of the things we had planned to do was to sit somewhere to talk and enjoy a drink together. We also planned a writing competition to reflect on our 1st year together. We found a perfect spot on the 3rd floor balcony of the biggest Barnes & Noble I’ve ever seen. It was perfect because it was at the corner and overlooks the Americana. There were so many people that I didn’t think we could get a spot, but we think God showed us His favor on this day! We were so happy.


We spent a good few hours talking and writing and reveling on the afternoon. Besides the perfect spot, it was also the perfect weather for an afternoon of relaxation and reflection. Here’s SX doing his share of the writing.


Here’s the view from where we were. There were families relaxing on the grassy area and shopping the malls that lined the streets. Towards evening, the water fountains light up and the waters would dance to the music. It was a low-key celebration for a 1st year anniversary but it was special, nonetheless. As the saying goes, the where doesn’t matter as much as the who.


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