Two-Month Countdown

The weekend of the two-month countdown began with an all-day Childbirth class at the hospital. We were anticipating an exhausting day of information overload. As it turns out, we found the class to be informative and reassuring. We met a lot of couples close to our own due dates and we were able to exchange ideas and share experiences. Moreover, our instructor was especially helpful, showing us the different stages of labor, breathing techniques, pain management strategies, as well as what to expect every step of the way. It was way worth the time to take the class. Admittedly, I was nervous going into the class, but I came away with more confidence. As they say, knowledge is power.


The next day, we were invited to a couples’ dinner at a friend’s house. We didn’t know it was a surprise baby shower for us! As we walked in the door, we were greeted with a congratulatory banner with a life-sized teddy bear sitting under it and a diaper cake right in front of him. It was adorable! We just had to take a picture. SX couldn’t help but to give the bear — his namesake — an affectionate hug.


It was a delightful evening of food, fellowship, fun, and more fellowship with friends. I especially love this picture. It’s too bad we took it right after dinner when the food was all gone (always happens that way) because the middle-eastern delicacy was scrumptious, including the appetizers and dessert. Special thanks to Diane for putting this together without me knowing!


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  1. Fen says:

    I highly recommend getting a doula (labor coach). It’s amazing how much it helps just to have someone tell you “You can do it!” Of course, they also have some massage and breathing tricks that also help. If you can find a doula-in-training, they are usually willing to do it for free 🙂

  2. mbcohao says:

    We’re doing research on this now … for now, I think my husband will be my doula. He’s been taking tips from people and took a child-birth class with me. Thanks for the tip on the doula-in-training, though. I’ll look into it! 🙂

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