Trip to Ikea

Someone once told me that single people take pictures of their food and their travels, couples take pictures of their food, their travels, and each other. Couples with children take pictures of their babies. Today, I covered the bases. We took a little trip to Ikea (these days, it’s like traveling to us) and I have a picture of their famous Swedish meatballs with my baby in the background. It was nice to take a walk in those winding aisles. We had just finished filing our tax forms and needed to get out of the house.


It was late afternoon when we got there and the sun was just setting. This was our view from the cafeteria. Only in Southern California can a parking lot full of cars be considered a “view.”


This is Ian’s first ride on a shopping cart. We had to hold him steady because he’s still too small for it. It was fun to see what it would be like when he’s a lot older and can hold his own. He might be small but he is growing up fast, squealing at the top of his lungs in the morning and trying to grab anything he can close by. He is also at an age where he is curious about anything, including an Ikea shopping cart bar.


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