From Beverly Hills to Anaheim

Without even thinking twice, we ventured into Santa Monica today as a family and spend virtually the whole day there. We were there to run an errand — pick up a check and drop off another, as well as to check out an apartment. We made it a family trip.

We drove past Hollywood to Beverly Hills, driving past Rodeo Drive into Beverly Drive. The parking was impossible! There was even this black corvette double-parked hoping to find a spot. Fortunately for us, as we were waiting right in front of a driveway, a parked car behind us pulled away, and we swooped right in — and there was even 30 minutes left on the meter! Moreover, it was also right in the middle of shops and restaurants. We decided to stay and have lunch at a Mexican grill nearby. Afterwards, we had a cheese dessert at this Cheese Store. Yum!


It took us about 2 1/2 hours to get home. I don’t think we even tried to beat traffic. Just went with the flow. As we hit Anaheim, we decided to go to the Chinese Islamic restaurant to have their lamb soup and bread. The cozy atmosphere and rich food warmed the soul.


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