Busy Sunday

It was such a busy day today, starting with praying fervently for God’s blessing on the Sunday sermon as well as a missionary sharing. He answered our prayers by opening people’s hearts to the message of His glory as reflected on creation. Praise Him! We shared in this joy by listening to feedback and watching how people responded to spiritual feeding. There was a sense of being uplifted by the truth of God’s word. We’re certainly privileged to share in this joy!

After lunch, we were invited to someone’s house for more fellowship. It was a new house overlooking all of OC. It was a beautiful house with the smell of new paint and furniture still hanging in the air. More importantly, the fellowship was encouraging and the bonding was palpable. This was the remembrance of our time together.


Later that night, we had to drive one hour to catch up to my cousin Matt and Tracy’s daughter’s baptism. It was another quality time with family. There were four tables in all. Even though we were late, we were glad to have made the effort. The food was excellent and it was always good to see everyone again!


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