Playing and Learning

One of the places I take Ian during the day is Pretend City. Whether the weather is cold or sunny (like today), it’s where he can run around and explore without my worrying that he will fall or get hurt. It is truly a kind of “children’s paradise.” Well worth the annual pass.

Since we had a busy weekend, I decided to relax and let Ian play by himself. In this particular area with foam structures, I watched him as he played and climbed and explored the shapes. He was actually more fascinated with the balls that some kids brought in from earlier. There was a worker there who took a liking to him and played with him for a good while. I watched as he interacted with this adult. I saw my son from a different light all of a sudden. He was animated, so willing to learn, and delightedly amused by what she was showing him. I had this hidden feeling of shame for not doing it myself.


I watched some more as he played with the balls, watched him interact with the other kids. I watched his reactions and response to other kids who grabbed the balls from him. He has such a good temperament. He was content to simply play and learn and collect and build. I am so proud of my son. From today, I learned to play more closely with him next time, to not be afraid to have a more intimate encounter with his budding personality


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