7th Year

2nd Haircut Ever!

I’d been holding off on her haircut for the longest time even though her hair has been unmanageable as of late. She’s been so stuck on being a princess with long hair that I was afraid to disillusion her! Today, after watching her daddy and brother get their haircuts, she agreed to sit and let the lady cut her hair, with the help of the iPhone video, of course. Here she is, being her brave self.

Fresh Haircuts

I must admit, I have very good-looking kids! Here they are with their fresh haircuts. Ian cried because he was so afraid of his neck itching from all that hair that gets stuck in his collar. I tried to talk him through the whole process and he eventually survived it. As for Joyanne, I have a feeling it’s going to be a lot easier not only to get her to get another haircut next time but to give her a bath before bed.

First comes marriage …

This display was at the entrance of Ikea today. Since it was also our 7th anniversary, we went ahead and commemorated our union in front of the sign. I wore my engagement ring for the occasion, too!

Then the baby carriage …

I said “yes” to the marriage, and thus, “yes” to the kids. What a life-changing event that was! And now, here we are, two makes four!

Sunset in OC

For our anniversary dinner, we sat atop the highest peak in our area, it seems, overlooking a beautiful sunset. This was taken at around 7 p.m., just when the sun was setting. I wasn’t necessarily feeling romantic, just hungry, but we couldn’t help but to feel the feels. It was an awesome sight.

Orange Hill Restaurant Date Night

After dinner, we went out, feeling close and cozy. The night was crisp and clear. It was also very cold (56 degrees). After this picture was taken, we appreciated the outside of the restaurant for just a few minutes before we headed inside and outside to the valet. It was a memorable way to celebrate our anniversary!

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