Three-day Weekend

It is going to be a wonderful, restful weekend. After the long week that we had at school, I’m glad to be able to sleep in for three mornings in a row! It is also supposed to be nice weather out, so I’m thinking of going running, too. To kick-off this long weekend, I watched two ‘classic’ movies tonight with someone who hasn’t seen “Shrek” (the first one) and “The Little Mermaid.” It was great to watch them again, especially since I am a fan of animated movies anyway. It certainly brought back memories of the seasons in my life when these movies first came out. Long time ago. Tonight, I also made green beans and fried chicken for dinner. Dessert was supposed to be cake, but we were too full and settled for M&M’s. Great night.

2 Responses to “Three-day Weekend”

  1. Jonsan says:

    Thats great. You can finally get some sleep. I have no idea how to spend my three days.

  2. Yvette says:

    I have two tests, filming, lunch with friends, and tutoring some other kids— all scheduled for the three day weekend! :(

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