David, Carlos, and Linda'

I headed up north via the Bart to visit college friends whom I haven’t seen in two years. In the past, I used to come at least twice a year and stay at their house, so our reunion this time around was all the more special to me. They took me to this “hole-in-the-wall” Japanese restaurant which they go to regularly. I was craving some sashimi so I got a plateful! Especially in the Bay Area, it’s these small hole-in-the-walls that seem to serve the tastiest food! If anyone knows where to find them, it’s the Flores family. They had just gotten back from a trip to Hawaii and filled me in on their adventures while I had my own stories to share as well. We have had our yearly get-togethers for more than a decade but our times together continue to be precious. It’s funny to me that they look the same as when I first met them in college over a decade ago, yet we talk about not having as much energy as the “young ones” and the new technologies these days that we didn’t used to have. Since when did I become part of the older generation? It’s a good thing I’m in good company!

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