The iPad

Wow, it is a beauty! I’ve been following the release of this new toy from Apple. Now that it’s out, I have to stop myself from ordering one online! Speaking to a friend who also owns all things Mac, she advised me to wait until the second generation iPad, when all the kinks are all worked out. It makes a lot of sense, especially since it looks more like a bigger-screen iPod Touch. However, the sleek look and its 1.5-pound weight are very appealing to me.

Some of the features that I really like in the iPad is the bigger keyboard right on the screen. I wonder if this will be the next big thing in laptop technology. I also like its Kindle-like library where you can purchase books. Watching videos and movies in the iPad would definitely be a step up from my iPod Touch. Looking at pictures would also be a lot nicer with a bigger screen! Besides these things, it would probably be best to wait until it starts adding other features like camera, USB port, video recorder, etc. Or is that asking too much?

2 Responses to “The iPad”

  1. Jonsan says:

    no its not too much. In fact, I think Apples gonna add the features ONE AT A TIME for each generation of iPads so to suck the money out of people

  2. Thana says:

    To me, iCan see how in the future (when iPads are more affordable) the teachers or staff will be using the iPad for an all-iN-one device instead of clipboards, lecture notes etc. Nice iDea too iThink.

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