Rainforest Reunion

Birthday Girl

Rainforest Cafe does birthdays … yes, it does! Not only do they give you free ice cream, they sing to you, too! It was fun to take Anne out on her actual birthday night, especially this year — a very special year. Our cedar plank salmon dinner was excellent, but I enjoyed our time of catching up even more. What a blessing to have shared the evening with her!

During the meal, someone comes around with a stuff animal for you to hold while they take a picture of your party. I imagine this is one way Rainforest makes additional revenue. On our way out, Anne purchased the picture to remember this special night. Afterwards, we drove around Downtown Disney and caught an 11:00 p.m. movie at the AMC. We didn’t come out of the theatre until 1:30 a.m. We had our little late night adventure — just another one one to add to our experiences together over the years. I’m glad we made it out okay!

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