Cold and Rainy

I don’t understand how it can be so beautiful and sunny one day and be cold and rainy the next.  Today, the weather changed so drastically as we were greeted this morning by misty fog.  I walked to school in a daze, wondering where the clear skies went.  I had already started packing away my winter clothes, too.  This teaches me not to get psyched out by occasional good weather in Shanghai (especially this season)!  I already know a few people who are sick or who are coming down with something.  Besides layering up and keeping warm, I try to fight the cold by drinking hot liquid, like tea or soup or even just water.  When I feel that tickle in my throat, I take something called Airborne (invented by a teacher for teachers!).  Some people say it’s a placebo, but it works for me every time!

5 Responses to “Cold and Rainy”

  1. PeterLaw says:

    Like it is always odd after even :)

  2. Thana says:

    Of course, that works great! (I’m the placebo now).

  3. Jonsan says:

    Yeah, Shanghai has weird weathers, I month ago when I was in Hong KOng I got to wear short sleeves. Its hot down there already, but Shanghai which is not that far geographically is still an ice cube.

    Whats a placebo?

  4. mbcohao says:

    Placebo – a neutral pill given as a medicine to trick or humor a patient.

    Because some people’s ailments are mostly psychosomatic, doctors prescribe placebos to allow a patient treat themselves by thinking they are actually taking real medicine.

  5. Jonsan says:

    Oh, sweet, psychology…

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