Vacation Continues …

Baby in a Box

The title of this entry has nothing to do with the picture I posted. I just thought this picture of Avery climbing into a box (for whatever reason) was adorable. He sat content for a while before we had to take him out of there. I wonder if babies know how cute they are … they can get away with just about anything!

My vacation does indeed continue. I do not concern myself with lesson planning, setting goals, nor preparing a framework for the school year in as many years as I could remember this time of the year. I have been eating well, sleeping well, and playing well, that’s for sure. For the most part, I join in my nephews’ crazy imagination games and have been out and about with friends and relatives. I don’t even concern myself with dieting or keeping up with any deadlines. I usually just go where the wind blows. It’s such a freeing experience. Indeed, I am so enjoying my vacation! Pretty soon, reality and responsibility will catch up to me … but not yet.

2 Responses to “Vacation Continues …”

  1. kim says:

    so jealous of you!!! so what’s the news, boy or girl?

  2. mbcohao says:

    work is around the corner so I’m making the most of this :-)

    hindi raw makita yung ibon … that should say something, then again …

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