Jason, Faith, and Olivia

After church, we headed to the Sheraton to celebrate Faith’s birthday — a very posh 1st birthday party! It is easily the grandest children’s party I’ve ever attended … people agreed that it beats most weddings in scope, grandeur, and entertainment! It was in the Cerritos ballroom inside the hotel, complete with a band, dancing, worship, singing, buffet, balloon animals for the kids, video, games, baby dedication, and party favors for all kids and adults. What a celebration!

Baby Faith fell asleep during the family picture-taking session (maybe even during the later half of the party), but everyone else sure had a great time! The emcee was entertaining and left everyone in stitches the whole time. What touched me about this grand get-together was Jason and Olivia’s declaration that this is their way of expressing thanks and praise to God who answered their prayers with Baby Faith even as they asked in great faith and waited for years. What an inspiring testimony! With family and friends in the big ballroom, I believe they wanted to share the immense joy they feel in having such a sweet daughter come into their lives … and another one on the way!

Lechon -- yum!

We were seated in table 21 right next to the lechon. I couldn’t help but take a picture of this roasted pig before it was carved and cut up. It is a Filipino delicacy to eat the meat along with the crunchy skin topped with liver sauce. Though I kept to a healthy portion, I did not hold back on the skin — my favorite part (despite warnings of “high” everything)! I’ve never had better lechon than I did today … truly good quality!

Double Celebration

After an afternoon break of shopping, we had an early dinner to celebrate Yeegee’s success in passing her final test and earning her architecture license. What a great accomplishment! This dinner had been planned and postponed and planned again. I’m so glad we finally met up tonight. Alvin and Yeegee ordered double portions of all the family favorites. The spread of the food actually looks better than what I was able to capture with my camera. In any case, it was a special dinner of giving thanks, sharing, tears, and rejoicing. Thanks for a great dinner!! We left feeling so blessed and satisfied in more ways than one. Congratulations again, Yeegee!! (and Alvin)

For those familiar with the Filipino culture, there are usually games played in big parties, like impersonation contests (the same one they played in Algee’s wedding). They are so much fun! I was able to record this with my camera … Enjoy!!

4 Responses to “Celebrations!!”

  1. kim says:

    i love the picture of you all together. was the 3 boys wearing matching shirts? that was a LOT OF FOOD! Jason and Olivia also had a birthday party for Faith here in the Phil, and Anthony did the child dedication.

    Vacation is also a good time to spruce up your blog page. have fun with it!

  2. kim says:

    every family needs an “alvin”! He was so fun with the dancing.

  3. mbcohao says:

    Adam did the child dedication over here. The Co family seems to have all the bases covered :-)

    I know what you mean about sprucing up the blog page … my students have told me that since the first entry! It might have to be when I leave LA — there’s too much going on at this time!

    re: the three boys, yes, they were wearing matching yellow shirts (for the party). Someone at church said amusedly, “only Filipino families would think of doing that.”

  4. Yvette says:

    hahaha ms. hao, I love the “skin” part of the meat too…despite of “high” everything xD

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