Pretty Sight

Public Library

One of the things I miss, being away in China, is visiting the local library. When I was in school, I spent a lot of time there just browsing, reading, writing, lounging around. It has always been a place of solace for me. So, after these days of nonstop activities, I headed over there for some much-needed down time. It was a delight to see the many services they offer, such as internet access, book club discussions, children’s theatre, technology classes, workshops to prepare for school, used bookstore, and a section just for Chinese books and magazines (donated by a patron). There was even a room for a photocopy machine, a scanner, a microfiche reader, and a filing cabinet of microfiches (who uses those anymore?). I don’t remember the public library being this innovative in the past. Too bad I’m leaving soon. If I lived here, I’d most likely take advantage of these services … how wonderful!

Just seeing the rows of books on neatly lined shelves makes me feel that all is right with the world. Somehow, being in the quiet of the library helps me to center myself and my world …

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  1. Yvette says:

    where exactly is this in china?

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