Things got very busy this past week that I haven’t posted anything on this blog.  What should I write about?  I think I’ll write about these boys who are near and dear to my heart:  my nephews.

The male gene runs dominant in my family.  I have two older brothers and two younger brothers.   I have to say that I had a great childhood.  My brothers were good to me, and they continue to be.  Moreover, they all married well, and I can say unreservedly that I am so glad to have such great sisters-in-law!

Now for my nephews.  I have a total of six nephews, spawns of my brothers who have apparently carried on the family tradition of male domination.  One of my sisters-in-law is pregnant at the moment, and I am crossing my fingers that I will finally have a niece!  I’m not complaining, though.  All my nephews are very special to me — all have distinct personalities.  In particular, my oldest brother has these three boys who are so different from each other that it’s funny.  The fact that they are all only a year apart makes it more fun.

The oldest boy is an intellectual, I think.  He is only three years old, but he can already spell and do math and work the computer and memorize all kinds of songs.  Their second is destined to be an athlete.  He has a lot of energy and is not afraid to run into things, fall down, get up, and charge again at his destination.  I think he has already fractured a bone.  The youngest of the three is the mellow one.  He smiles a lot and knows how to charm people, especially his grandparents.  When his two older brothers are fighting over a toy, he just sits there and watches them.  I hope he doesn’t grow up to be bullied by them!

It’s too bad I can only hear about them growing up through stories and watch them change through photos and videos!

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  1. Yvette says:

    Awwwh, the descriptions of the boys are so cute 😀 I can already picture the mellow one smiling xD

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