OC Day

Newport Beach

The last time the kids went to the beach was over a year ago, I believe. This time around, they lost no time running into the water (which was icy cold, by the way). We brought swim clothes, but it would have been impossible to go in. It was a beautiful day but we could not stay too long. I’m glad, though, that they overcame their fear of the waves and went right in, even falling into the water several times!

Playing in the Water

After the beach, we went to the Mall and had dinner at CPK. I didn’t know that they have a to-go branch called ASAP. They gave crayons and puzzle paper for the kids. While waiting, it was so cute to see them try their hand at coloring. We had pizza, but I have to say that CPK has the best mac&cheese I’ve ever tasted (mooched off the kids because the portions were too big for them!). The tortilla soup wasn’t bad, either!

Dinner @ CPK

When we got back, Alvin showed off his guitar skills. It was really late, but we managed to get a boba drink and hang out in the parking lot so we could play the guitar. We took turns playing some familiar worship songs with Marvin. So nice to pick up the guitar again. I better start practicing more, though, because my little brother is gaining on (surpassing?) me! :-)

Late Night Guitar Playing

2 Responses to “OC Day”

  1. kim says:

    its only sept, how can it be cold?

    the CPK here in the Phil is kinda expensive, US quality daw, esp their mac n cheese. it didn’t look that big of a portion. ( i guess for the 3 A’s, it would be big) nathan liked it though, as usual

  2. kim says:

    did you spend the night at alvin’s place?

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