South Coast Plaza

We went to South Coast Plaza over the weekend because there was something called Festival of Children that sponsored activities specially for kids. All over the mall, they also had exhibits called “can-structions” in which companies competed to build the best structure using cans. The can drive encourages families to donate to charity. One of our favorite displays was this creative construction of a pretty pink gown. There is this a cute sash that is tied in a pink bow in the back of it. We liked it so much that we decided to take a picture next to it!


There was also a carousel there. All three boys got on it, and we adults had to ride with them. I had forgotten why I don’t like these kinds of rides — I got a little dizzy after a while. Good thing it wasn’t going too fast.

Alvin and Avery

I think we were able to walk the length of most of South Coast Plaza. It’s an upscale, high-end mall with stores that include Louis Vuitton to Mont Blanc. It’s amazing to me how extravagantly some people live. On the drive back home, Wensley and I discussed class differences in society. She admitted to experiencing some kind of culture shock. It certainly gave us pause to think about how different people value and use money.

Resting at the Bridge

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