Liu Ancestry

There was a sense of history, of family, even of identity, as we listened to stories (I wish I understood more Chinese than I do), took in the sights and sounds and smells (all foreign yet strangely familiar), and meditated on the pictures of people in our blood line. Going to Nan An Ma Tou was something I’d been wanting to do since I set foot in China, and finally, it was like coming home, just like grandfather did when he came back to honor his village before going back to the Philippines for good. I don’t know when I’ll come back to this place. We paid our respects to our ancestors by bowing and offering incense sticks. I felt it was the least we could do to honor their memory.

I picked up a booklet that the Lao Association put together for their yearly meeting. In keeping with the Chinese custom of putting history into poetry, the preface in this booklet contains this prose, as translated from Chinese to English by our very own Sheila Ang. Accuracy is secondary to the idea of greatness in this clan’s heritage. The pride is evident in the following words:

This is the source of the Liu dynasty
Roots of our surname
Four thousand two hundred years of history
A great deal of progress was contributed to this civilization
The eldest son of the emperor Yao began the surname Liu
You Pang began the Liu lineage when he went out of Peng Cheng
During the early days of the Tang dynasty,
Liu Wen Jing helped in the ascension of the leader
(Li Shi Min – emperor that made the Tang a great dynasty)
During the Song dynasty,
Liu Yi Feng left a good reputation for the family Liu
The Liu Lin envoys started to develop the Fujian area
From then on, the descendants of Lu Zhou (from the Szechuan province) have become high achievers

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