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May 2, 2012 by mbcohao

A New Beginning.

After two months of planning, we had a wedding.  After two months of marriage, we’re well on our way to our journey together.  If this is what the “honeymoon period” is like, then I’d like it to last a lifetime!  Married life is great.  Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

This is a picture from our wedding rehearsal.  As per tradition, I’m holding a bouquet of ribbons and wrapping paper from my two bridal showers.  I remember feeling completely comfortable during the practice walk down the aisle.  However, I don’t know why I suddenly had a giggle fit when we were saying our practice vows.  My whole family was there to share the moment with me, and that in itself made it very special.  I like this picture a lot because it shows the joy and ease that we were feeling during that time.

wedding rehearsal

This is another one of my favorite pictures.  It was taken when we left the church and right before we went into the reception area.  We had just gotten out of the car and the photographer captured the moment.  I think we looked quite relaxed and happy, which was what we were  feeling.  We were married!  It still felt strange to be called someone’s “wife” and to call someone my “husband,” but I got used to it very quickly.

mr. & mrs. chen

We left for our honeymoon the very next day.  This picture was taken in LAX right before we left for Florida.  It was a red-eye flight that saved us a hotel booking.  The wedding was over and our marriage had just begun.  We were filled with relief, anticipation, and excitement for what lay ahead in the future.


We want to thank you for reading Our Story and for walking with us throughout this short journey, thus far.  Thank you for your love and support, especially those of you who attended the wedding and blessed us with your presence.  Though our heart’s desire was to personally thank each individual who offered well-wishes and gave gifts, we can only give heartfelt thanks to God and ask Him to repay generously on our behalf.

Our new start has definitely been paved with so many people’s generosity, grace, and many prayers.  We hope that our union will be a blessing to the many we will encounter along the way.  God-willing, we will cross paths with as many of you as possible!